Design Update

At our Sunday gathering at the property back in early June, we informed the congregation about another delay in our design process resulting from a contract and billing dispute with our architect. Despite our team’s best efforts to resolve the dispute fairly and expeditiously, we were unable to reach an agreement that would enable us to move forward in good faith. Through a brief mediation process in mid-June, we terminated our contract with the architect and immediately began negotiating a contract with a new architectural firm – Hill Foley Rossi & Associates (HFR). This unexpected turn of events derailed our progress for about 4 months, but I am pleased to say that we are now back on track and moving full steam ahead!

Click on timeline for larger view.

We signed a contract with HFR in early July and established an updated design schedule. The new architectural team has already made tremendous progress on the plans and critical completion milestones are being consistently met. The revised Project Timeline shown here reflects the updated design schedule.

As you can see, we are working toward the completion of a “Permit Plan Set” by mid-October. With these plans, we will initiate the building permit process with the City of Woodstock. The core design schedule will culminate in early December with the completion of Construction Documents. By late December, we hope to receive permit approval, at which time our General Contractor will begin mobilizing for construction. Lord willing, it will be a particularly busy and joyful holiday season at FCC!

Financial Update

As our church continues to grow in number, we are also witnessing a growing commitment to the ministries and mission of FCC. New people are doing much more than just visiting a worship service on Sunday morning. They are eagerly assimilating into the life of our fellowship – pursuing discipleship and service opportunities, attending membership classes, inviting friends and family members to Bible study and worship, and cheerfully contributing financially to missions, benevolence, Building Faith, and our general fund.

Giving to our Building Faith fund continues at a pace that, Lord willing, will enable us to exceed our annual goal that we set at the beginning of this year. As of August 8, 2021, our people have given over $280,000 toward a $330,000 goal. Praise the Lord!

As we marvel at all the ways God is blessing Faith Community Church, let’s continue to pray for wisdom as we seek to be faithful stewards of all His good gifts.