While a great deal has been accomplished, there is still a long way to go on the journey to our new location. The Building Faith Team’s focus will continue to be on finding the best God-honoring solutions for completing the first phase and taking occupancy (on that glorious day!).

However, we will never get to that day without sacrificial giving from God’s people. We have set May 13th as the day to receive cash or appreciated stock gifts as well as the day that we receive the “My Willingness, God’s Sovereign Provision” brochures.

The brochure is a critical component of appropriate planning toward both a date for breaking ground and a date for initial occupancy. In addition, the church will be borrowing some of the funds needed for the project and lenders give significant consideration to the written giving intentions that are taken up by the church. The lender realizes that it’s possible that some of those giving intentions may not be fulfilled, but many of them will.

More on Desires/Intentions
The FCC elders were very concerned about using a traditional commitment card in our Building Faith Campaign. The reason for their concern was that they did not want anyone to make a commitment and later feel unwarranted guilt if they were providentially hindered from fulfilling the commitment.

This is why the brochure is named, “My Willingness, God’s Sovereign Provision.” The title is Biblically informed because we know that anyone can make a financial commitment with all of the best intentions, and later find they cannot fulfill the commitment because their life circumstances have changed in ways that were beyond their control. We also know that anyone who makes a financial commitment and fulfills it, does so because of God’s enabling provision. Therefore, each person is free to state their heart’s desire to give without the fear of failing and the accompanying false guilt, always trusting that God’s will is the best for the individual and FCC.

All Christian Stewards, All Aboard, All Amounts!
One of the keys to hitting our financial milestones is the degree of participation in the campaign. Every man and woman, young and old, is a steward of the Lord’s time, talents, gifts, and money. Now is the time to pray about your part in getting this project completed.
We are grateful to God for the sacrificial giving seen to date. But there are many who have not taken this great opportunity to do something that will serve the kingdom of our God and Savior. Thinking of the potential of our church to give, it is clear that the cup is half full! We need everyone to be onboard in their prayers and gifts!

Finally, it is not uncommon to hear someone say that they did not respond to the call to give because he or she felt like their gift would not be enough to make a difference. Here’s what’s true about giving: Giving is a form of worship. We worship and glorify the Lord with all that we have and that worship is not received or rejected based on actual numbers! Worship by giving is about a desire to do all we can in our worship. All amounts, from every person (even the young single brothers and sisters), is pleasing to God when we give sacrificially from our hearts.

So please take this opportunity to be involved in the Building Faith Campaign. Whether you can give $10 or $10,000, your act of worship will help us realize the joy of worshipping in our new building.